Angkor Cosmetics Angkor Cosmetics is a new line of Cambodian cosmetics, based especially on a very intense perfume essence and cosmetics derived from it, specially produced from an essential oil obtained from bamboo. The company was founded by a marriage between a French and a Cambodian. The aim of the image and packaging and logo […]


Urberia Homes We are a young real estate development agency with very clear ideas and very solid objectives: treating each home as if we were going to live there ourselves. We needed to find an easy name to remember in Spain, which was related to the country and the urbanization. The concept that we needed […]


Keep Out Gaming It is a hardware brand for professional gamers. They have keyboards, mouses, headsets and everything you need to spend hours and hours playing. The feeling and reality of buying a product of quality and elegance. On the other hand, the client sought a very aggressive touch in the care of every detail, […]


The Cane Water The Cane Water is a fresh, bold new super drink, loaded with enzymes, nutrients, and electrolytes! A thirst-quenching hydrator cooling your body from the inside out. The refreshing taste and beneficial vitamins work to replenish spent electrolytes and water-soluble vitamins. The Cane Water’s jade essence contains pure alkaline-balanced water, brimming with an […]


The Natural Flavor Is a brand for snacks with a range of 5 different flavors 100% natural from Thailand. Packaging design for sale in large supermarkets and 7-Eleven in USA, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Back home Let’s talk? Hello! – こんにちは!- Hola! – สวัสดี! We speak 4 languages, because… among other things, we love […]


The Traveler Café We travel with a backpack, an old map and a notebook, in search of the most unknown coffees in the world. We talked at the old bus stations with locals to find out where they drink the best coffee and travel there.  We look for small coffee plantations, where the beans are […]