When a project comes to us, we get down to work! We think and look from various perspectives until we make the result work simply. We do not work against the clock, we like to enjoy ourselves and take all the time we need to work comfortably and happily until we obtain a good result that is worth the effort and time invested.

we are...

…we are two people with a small studio and we work internationally, especially doing packaging, branding and web.
We speak English, Japanese, Spanish, Thai… and we love good communication to understand what your goal is and make a good design.


Packaging design for all types of products: electronics, food, beverages, etc.

web / e-commerce

Design of corporate pages, e-commerce stores, apartment bookings with WordPress technology

branding & identity

Every product needs a brand, a logo, an identity that makes a difference. We create from name to essence.

"our strengths"

We do not accept more jobs than we can commit to deliver on time, so there is never a rush or things we could have done better. In addition, we travel a lot around the world and this gives us a more open view of trends or the pace of international marketing. We care that we always enjoy each project: We love Mondays!


Give us your project, the briefing and a deadline; we will take care of everything

“we love designing!”

Let's talk!

Hello! - こんにちは!- Hola! - สวัสดี! We speak 4 languages, because... among other things, we love communication. Do you need us to design any packaging? A brand? Tell us more about the project you have in mind. We respond quickly, less than an hour!

Social networks

We may be the only design studio that doesn't want to have facebook, instagram, twitter etc... We are different!

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